Helping children to bloom and thrive

At Sierra Summit Children’s Academy, we know that when it comes to your little one, you want the very best care, and we’re here to provide a warm and relaxing environment for your baby. Our childcare providers provide them with care and attention and support their growth and development. Our infant room is a calm, comforting, and nurturing space where your infant received personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Throughout the day, we provide tons of activities and experiences that promote the development of essential skills, such as cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth. We focus on fostering curiosity, creativity, and exploration to help your baby learn and grow. We also make sure they have naps or rest time needed for their overall health.

This program is typically comprised of children from 6 weeks to 23 months. The children’s curriculum is designed using a developmental assessment tool (ASQ) and the Nevada Infant Toddler Standards.

Connect With Us

If you have any questions about our infant care program, let us know by sending us a message.